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Strategic chess coaching.


Applicable chess courses.


Organizing and directing chess tournaments.


Chess team building events.

Strategic Chess Coaching

We offer strategic chess coaching to schools/institutions and/or individuals in English and Afrikaans.

Coaching sessions are equivalent to one hour and well prepared based on a quick, yet thorough evaluation done on the player’s abilities and skills set during the first coaching session. Progress on the matters addressed during coaching sessions are monitored.

Applicable Chess Courses

We offer applicable chess courses in English and Afrikaans. The courses can be done either online or face-to-face.

The duration of the courses is indicated in brackets next to each course. The course material is specifically adapted with relevance to the course attendees, e.g. school organizers/teachers or parents.

There are two applicable chess courses to choose from:


Introduction to competitive chess for the school organizer/teacher (2 hours).


How to be a chess parent (2 hours).

Organizing And Directing Chess Tournaments

We organize and direct tournaments on behalf of schools/institutions or individuals.

The tournaments can have various time controls; blitz, rapid or standard.

Chess Team Building Events

We offer chess team building events for businesses who are looking to unify their team via challenging, logical methods.

The duration of these events is subject to change with regard to the business’s busy schedules and can be done in the comfort of your own office space or venue of preference.

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